It is very exciting to be writing this first post and finally putting my real name (Yes, it is Kimothy) into print. For many years I have felt an urge to write, not necessarily to become a writer, but to express thoughts and feelings in words.  Instead of creating words on paper, however, I have created and owned, at my last count, nine or so small entrepreneurial endeavors.  Some of these businesses were short-lived and some were more successful and long-lasting.

Instead of playing with words, I have enjoyed various geographical locations, a few historical settings, and met many fabulous coworkers and customers.  Every time I sold a business, I told myself it was time to begin writing.  Instead I bolted away from picking up the pen and opened another business.  Many of these self-chosen occupations have some of the attributes experienced by writers: discipline, emotional swings, incredible characters, and some unusual adventures.