The Old Red Robin Tavern has to be included in this selection of historical hangouts, as it was a major Seattle gathering spot in the 1960’s and had quite a previous history at its location next to the south side of University Bridge on Fuhrman Avenue E and Eastlake Avenue.  It subsequently went through some shocking changes that altered its character forever, and even today is continuing to shock – myself at any rate as this property is now being converted to a large apartment complex and retail space to be ponderously perched over Portage Bay.

It is very exciting to be writing this first post and finally putting my real name (Yes, it is Kimothy) into print. For many years I have felt an urge to write, not necessarily to become a writer, but to express thoughts and feelings in words.  Instead of creating words on paper, however, I have created and owned, at my last count, nine or so small entrepreneurial endeavors.  Some of these businesses were short-lived and some were more successful and long-lasting.

Instead of playing with words, I have enjoyed various geographical locations, a few historical settings, and met many fabulous coworkers and customers.  Every time I sold a business, I told myself it was time to begin writing.  Instead I bolted away from picking up the pen and opened another business.  Many of these self-chosen occupations have some of the attributes experienced by writers: discipline, emotional swings, incredible characters, and some unusual adventures.