It is very exciting to be writing this first post and finally putting my real name (Yes, it is Kimothy) into print. For many years I have felt an urge to write, not necessarily to become a writer, but to express thoughts and feelings in words. Instead of creating words on paper, however, I have created and owned, at my last count, nine or so small entrepreneurial endeavors. Some of these businesses were short-lived and some were more successful and long-lasting.

Roslyn Café 1980's

Roslyn Café 1980’s

Instead of playing with words, I have enjoyed various geographical locations, a few historical settings, and met many fabulous coworkers and customers. Every time I sold a business, I told myself it was time to begin writing. Instead I bolted away from picking up the pen and opened another business. Many of these self-chosen occupations have some of the attributes experienced by writers: discipline, emotional swings, incredible characters, and some unusual adventures.

I have been writing now for some time, but I didn’t know who I was writing to or why. Recently, it struck me that I did not want a memoir or an autobiographical account or a work of fiction. Instead the big light shown on connecting with all of those places and people encountered over several decades, to share stories, swap memories, photos – anything that ties us more together. I hope it will convey historical events before we entered the picture, the time we had together, and what might be currently going on in these special places – now today. We want feedback from those who are the most recent inhabitants or inheritors.

Aloha Café Coworkers in Front of Theater Entrance


I am calling these locations “Historical Hangouts.” I told a very good friend about some apprehensions I had and she announced: IT WILL UNFOLD!! This is what I needed to hear. I believe what will influence the course of my words will be YOU. This site is meant to be interactive and my posts will hopefully be added to again and again.

My closest friends have been my coworkers and those people who chose to experience the atmosphere we created together. Historical hangouts will encompass geographical locations and often the 100 plus year old buildings that we occupied. I hope this will not just be my version of events. Your input is really important in unfolding what we all experienced and hopefully will create something quite unusual – an energy that we had together in the past that can be recreated at this online “hangout.”

Two Great Friends: Barbara Witt and JC Collins – Roslyn

Historic Gold Pan Bar And Grill

Marianne driving Mother Trucker Food Truck and Gold Pan Bar Hangout
Breckenridge, Colorado, early 1970’s


The history is fascinating. Several locations, though extremely different, had many historical similarities. There were massive immigrations of people from different places in the world to these locations, mostly the human search to find better work, better living conditions. Many worked in extreme conditions, often for The Company Store, be it coal mines or sugar cane plantations. Sometimes just the changes a single building went thru are quite amazing, many reincarnations, a few restorations. Some of these structures are no longer. And so it is with the people involved. Some are no longer with us, some are still going strong, and many are unaccounted for. It is my hope that we can find those who are in the last category, together.

Chamelons In Blue Room

Chameleon Club Meeting in Blue Moon Tavern, 1970’s


We take off from a great hangout in Seattle, WA – Sam’s Red Robin Tavern (1960’s), travel to Breckinridge, CO and The Mother Truckers (circa 1972), back to Seattle, WA for a short time, escape from the city to start up The Roslyn Café (1976-1990) , a move to The Big Island of Hawaii with The Aloha Café, Performing Arts Theater and Gift Store (1995-2001), and back to some original stomping grounds on the Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood, and Maryhill Museum of Art (2001-2006) – not necessarily in that chronological order. Quite a few other locations and some very important people pop in and out here, but that will wait for another time and space. I have landed back now on Whidbey Island, where I write from a very historical building and have the use of a wonderful room where writers share the space and rent together called Write Here @ Bayview. I really hope we will meet up here – again!


Let It Unfold